Sleep Studies Test Price @3000

Oxygen Plus is the reputed sale and renting firm of several high quality medical devices from various prominent brands. Here we sell wide varieties of medical devices which are high on quality and also we rent them in daily basis. Sleep Studies is a test which done to record the activities of body while sleeping. Polysomnography test is one of the sleep study test which is done to diagnose sleep disorders. This Polysomnography test also records oxygen level, brain waves, heart rate, eye movements and leg movements and breathing in this sleep study test. Sleep studies test/ Polysomnography test is one of the most common way to capture heartbeat, muscle activity and brain activity. Here we have Polysomnography(Sleep study) and Alice PDX Sleep Lab in the category of sleep studies. Earlier this sleep study test used to be done at hospital under doctor’s supervision. But now with the modern advanced equipment this sleep studies test or Polysomnography test is able to done while sleeping at home seamlessly. We are located in Hyderabad and our services are available in LB Nagar, Dilsukh Nagar, Malakpet, Uppal and Vanasthalipuram Hyderabad. WE sell and rent these medical devices in market’s best price.